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Over the past several decades physiotherapy and its ability to help patients improves a lot. Of course, still its main aim is to improve or maintain their good physical and also mental condition. However, more often people with very diverse complaints, that usually have origins in different body systems come into physiotherapy offices. An attempt to answer for this variety is a wide spectrum of emerging therapeutic methods, which provide bigger probability to treat patients. One of those methods is pinotherapy.

Pinotherapy, which is also called pinopressure cannot be included to any certain therapeutic approach. It is an attempt to combine alternative and conventional therapies. It has many elements of reflexive therapy, visceral therapy, instrument-assisted therapy, manual therapy, massage, reflexotherapy, acupressure or Chinese Medicine in general. The author of this method is polish orthopaedist Radosław Składowski.


Foundations of pinotherapy

Foundation for development of pinotherapy was therapy developed by polish psychologist Ferdynand Barbasiewicz and named by him as clavitherapy. This therapy is based on excitation of nerve endings in the skin and stimulation of nerve conduction by pressing proper area in the patient’s body, using special tools – clavics (which look like nails). This non-invasive stimulation excite biologically active points and in consequence elicit endogenous reactions [1]. Such action is named as general organism abreaction, from which pinotherapy derives many elements. Clavitherapy as a method is considered to allow reconstructing immunological resistance in 7–10 days [2], liquidate demyelinising neuropathy and polyneuropathy [3], cure atherosclerosis, morbus Alzheimer [4] or hypertension [5] and influence on superficial sensation disorders [6].
|Why does pinotherapy have a therapeutic effect?
Explanation of therapeutic effect of pinopressure is connected to electric properties of tissues. It is commonly known that fasc...

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